Bryan K Reed




I have been designing for over 15 years. Where illustration, branding, and layout are my favorite areas, I am also well versed in building awesome websites, photo manipulation, print design, and I dabble in video editing (but I probably won't do it for money). No matter which medium I am designing for, user experience and interaction is a main focus. To be honest, I love a blank canvas, a little time, and a never ending cup of coffee.

The Designer

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The Life

I've lived in North Carolina all my life; born and raised in Raleigh and then moved to Fayetteville to attend college. During my college years, I found the love of my life and the best part is, she thought I was pretty swell too. Fast forward 11 years and we have 3 kiddos, 3 dogs, I freelance (and currently found the sweetest gig ever), and she homeschools the youngins and guards the fort (with a rifle).


We love adventure and travel when we can, even if it's just to the park. Spending time together is something we all agree with. What more can I say? My family is awesome.