Freelance website and graphic design | Bryan K Reed

Designing my life away.

Hello, I freelance specializing in website and graphic design, and I am accepting new clients and contracts! I can also help you with branding, illustration, layout design, and marketing. Oh, and SEO… and social media content and management…

Why does freelance website and graphic design work?

There are so many reasons, to be honest. However, to name just a few: 1) The one on one attention, 2) Availability/flexibility, 3) We could literally meet anywhere – a coffee shop, the beach, by the pool – ANYWHERE, 4) Because I like Star Wars, 5) Super Budget Friendly!

Even though us freelancer’s work primarily local, we also love to explore new places and meet up with some really amazing people. I have traveled across North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia and all the way out to San Diego and Portland. Don’t hesitate to reach out. Some of my most favorite people are travelers from afar.

Website Design

Take a look at just a few of the websites I’ve created.

Logo Design

A handful of logos I’ve designed.

Comic Design

Here are a few slides of a comic strip I illustrate for The Clever Catalyst, LLC.

Ready to start?

let’s freelance that website and graphic design on the dance floor today

I can help you put your vision on paper – or a screen or billboard or… really where ever you want! I have been in design working on websites, graphics, layout, illustrations, and branding since 2004, digitally, and before that, I lived in a sketchbook.